About DataRecovery

Be it a Hard Drive that crashed with all your valuable information or your Notebook Computer that stopped functioning in the middle of your business trip, MORE Computers comes to your rescue when Technology Betrays YOU We are a Data Recovery and Component Level Services company headquartered in Dubai with branches in India.

Being the First and the Number One in Data Recovery Services in the Middle East since our inception in 2001 we are well experienced in recovering data from Electro Mechanical (Physical - like noisy drivers, drives not detected in BIOS etc), Logical (File system level- like deleted files/folders/partitions etc) or a hybrid of these problems.

In the Component Level Services arena we are well equipped with advanced diagnostic equipments and procedures to offer comprehensive testing and precise chip level repairs to Notebook Computers, LCD Monitors, Printers, Plotters etc.We are a Quality Alternative to existing highly priced vendor maintenance for Notebook Computers.