All our jobs are carried out behind closed doors (in-house only, none of them outsourced) and the utmost care is taken while handling/ restoringclients’ data. We work strictly based on absolute Non-Disclosure, another reason for our elite clients to have sheer confidence in our services, time and again.

At MORE, “communication with customer” has never been a mere “front office task”. We’ve found that customers often find it comforting if they are able to speak to the Engineer who works directly on their drive Hence, we implemented “k2c” or “knowledge to customer” (a Samsung concept), and gave them the privilege to interact with all of us including the technical team allowing much more transparency.We always give a “non-obligatory quote” upon diagnosis and proceed further based on customer approval only. Through our online Job Status portal, customers are always intimated about job status in real time.

We understand that losing data is a frustrating experience. We want all our customers to have a stress-free Data Recovery Experience. Hence, once you decide to send the drive for salvaging data, the rest of it becomes our responsibility. As the preferred Data Recovery partner for multinationals, equal importance is given to everything else in the process, including collection of your drive, returning the drive after recovery, payment collection etc.

bulletIf you are in the UAE, we’ll pick upyour drive free of charge. Just call or email info@datarecovery.aewith location details and you’ll be contacted as soon as possible to ensure the convenient time for collection.

bulletIf you are outside the UAE, we can facilitate the whole process including arranging pickup, customs declarations, etc., but you’ll have to pay for the shipping. Please use the online quote request to let us know.

Data Recovery